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Pokemon Legends Arceus Octillery’s Ink is Request 53 in the game. This Request comes from Radias who has an idea to elevate her pickling game to the next level. To help her do this she needs an Octillery. Use Hold To Reset’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Octillery’s Ink guide below to find this Pokemon and complet the Request.

Request 53 Notes

  • Requested By: Radisa (Jubilife Village).
  • Description: “Radisa from the village sees culinary potential in Octillery ink, and she wants to try using it to make a new dish. Complete Octillery’s Pokedex page, and show it to her.”
  • Target: Octillery’s Pokedex page.
  • Rewards: Bean Cake; Exp. Candy M.

Where to Start Octillery’s Ink (Request 53)

If you completed Request 12 for Radisa, the one about pickling, you will have a new Request from her when you unlock the Cobalt Coastlands. This Request is 53 and it tasks you with gathering information on Octillery by completing its Pokedex entry.

Complete Octillery Pokedex Page and Show Radisa

Image showing the Octillery Ink habitat page.
Octillery habitat.

To fill in the Octillery Pokedex page make your way to the Cobalt Coastlands. Head to either the Castaway Shore or Islespy Shore named locations. Here you will encounter this Pokemon. When you encounter the Pokemon complete any of the following to add to its Research Level:

  • Catch.
  • Catch Alpha Specimen.
  • Defeat. Defeat with Electric-type moves.
  • See use Hydro Pump.
  • See use Hydro Beam.
  • Witness it use strong style move.
  • Obtained different forms.

An easy method is to catch one then use it in battles to see its different moves. Regardless of your approach reach Research Level 10 for Octillery then head back to Radisa. Show her the Pokedex page to complete the Request. You will receive your Rewards following the Request completion.

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