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Pokemon Legends Arceus Which is the Real Burmy is Request 73. This Request tasks you with catching different types of of Burmy to end a dispute going on among the villagers. The dispute is over what exactly the Burmy Pokemon truly looks like. To complete Request 73 use Hold To Reset’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Which is the Real Burmy guide below.

Request 73 Notes

  • Requested By: Leif (Jubilife Village).
  • Description: “Leif, Duna, and Tarush in the village can’t agree on which form of Burmy is the real one. Each of them has asked you to show them a different Burmy.”
  • Target: Plant Cloak, Sandy Cloak, and Trash Cloak Burmys.
  • Rewards: Leaf Stone; Exp Candy M.

Where to Start Which is the Real Burmy

The trio of villagers can be found arguing over by the Farm. When the Request is active there is an icon on your map. Head over to the trio and you will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you learn that there are three forms of Burmy in the wild. This starts the Request.

Catch Plant, Sandy, and Trash Cloak Burmys

Image showing where to look for Burmys.
Some places to look for Burmy.

To complete this Request you need to catch three different cloaked Burmys: the Plant Cloak, the Sandy Cloak, and the Trash Cloak. All three of these Burmys can be found by attacking shaking trees in across all of the different maps. To get them all you need to simply farm the shaking berry trees you encounter until you have all three of the Burmy colors.

Once you’ve gathered the three Burmys go back to the group and show each one off. The group still doesn’t believe you so they ask you to show them the completed Burmy Pokedex entry. Once that has been shown the Request is completed and you receive your rewards.

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