NBA 2K23 Kobe Bryant 81 Point Challenge

To honor the 17th anniversary of the Kobe Bryant 81 point game against the Toronto Raptors, NBA 2K23 is holding a special challenge players can take part in. This special challenge can be completed a special 81 Point Game Pack alongside some other reward items. To learn More about this event let’s take a closer look at the NBA 2K23 Kobe Bryant 81 Point Challenge below.

How to Play the Kobe Bryant 81 Point Challenge

NBA 2K23 Kobe Bryant's 81 Point Challenge.
Details of the 81 Point Challenge.

The Kobe Bryant 81 Point Challenge is a special Skill Challenge players can complete in MyTEAM. Make your way to MyTEAM and visit the Challenges screen. Select Skill and you will find the Kobe Bryant’s 81 Point Game Challenge there waiting for you.

To compete in this Semi-Pro difficulty challenge you need to score a total of 81 points using Kobe Bryant in your lineup. You have 48 minutes to do this with any Kobe Bryant card you want. Currently there is a Locker Code you can redeem for an Amethyst Kobe Bryant, which is a prime candidate for use in this challenge.

Kobe Bryant 81 Point Game Pack Rewards

For completing the challenge you earn a 8 Card Kobe Bryant 81 Point Game Pack. This pack contains a a selection of items players can use in MyTeam. The rewards received in the pack are:

  • Snake Ball (Basketball).
  • Lakers Jerseys.
  • 5x Shoe Boosts (+4 to different categories).
  • Kobe shoe Colorway (5 Boosts).

Alongside the rewards listed above you also unlock the K. Bryant’s 81 Point Game Ball agenda. This can be viewed in the Collections tab under Trophy Case > Lakers.

This is just one of many ways players can keep playing NBA 2K23. Each week there is an in-game television show players can watch called 2KTV. Check out our NBA 2K23 2KTV guides hub for help answering all the questions asked during it.

Did you complete the NBA 2K23 Kobe Bryant 81 Point Challenge? Let me know in the comments below.


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