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NBA 2K23 2KTV menu location.

NBA 2K23 features in-game TV segments players can watch to earn VC. This TV segment is called 2KTV. It appeared in previous editions of the game in the past. While watching episodes players can answer trivia to earn VC and other rewards To help you answer all of the questions in each episode we’ve put together the NBA 2K23 2KTV answers guides hub below.

Where to Watch 2KTV in NBA 2K23

To access NBA 2KTV you want to first start up the game. Once on the game’s main screen you will see an option for 2KTV in the bottom right tile. Select this option then start any of the currently available episodes. If you missed any you can open the episode list and replay or watch them.

All NBA 2K23 2KTV Episodes Trivia Answers Guides

Engage in approximately 15-minute episodes, featuring varying basketball questions that yield 100-200 VC upon correct answers. Access links below for NBA 2K23 2KTV episode answer lists.

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3
Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6
Episode 7Episode 8Episode 9
Episode 10Episode 11Episode 12
Episode 13Episode 14Episode 15
Episode 16Episode 17Episode 18
Episode 19Episode 20Episode 21
Episode 22Episode 23Episode 24
Episode 25Episode 26Episode 27
Episode 28Episode 29Episode 30
Episode 31Episode 32Episode 33
Episode 34Episode 35Episode 36
Episode 37Episode 38Episode 39
Episode 40Episode 41Episode 42
Episode 43Episode 44

Experience weekly 2KTV episodes throughout the season. Find the latest guides here as we update the table every Friday around 5ish MST.”

That’s all for this year’s 2KTV episodes. NBA 2K24 will return in September. When it does return I will have plenty of guides for you including more 2KTV answers!

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