NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 14 Answers Guide

It’s the end of the week and that means there is a new episode of NBA 2K23 2KTV for players to watch in game. Watching episodes gives a unique insight into background of game design and interviews with guests. 2KTV can also be watched to earn VC and other rewards by answering trivia during the episode. To help you get everything here’s our NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 14 answers guide.

2K23 2KTV Episode 14 Question Answers

Question during Episode 14 of NBA 2k23 2KTV.
A question asked during Episode 14.

To access NBA 2K TV you want to first start up the game. Once on the game’s main screen you will see an option for 2KTV in the bottom right corner. Select this tile to start the current episode. In this 15 minute episode there are a total of 12 questions for you to answer. These questions reward you with 100-200 VC when answered correctly. The 2K23 2KTV Episode 14 answers are:

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  1. Any.
  2. 3 Franchises.
  3. 1978.
  4. #5.
  5. Scoring Champ.
  6. 52%.
  7. Any.
  8. Any.
  9. 4 Eras.
  10. 1979.
  11. 6 times.
  12. Any.

To answer the questions be sure to hit the correct button prompt. This ensures you lock in the answer. If answered correctly you will get VC and a green check mark. If answered incorrectly you will get a red x. Try to be as quick as possible as some of the questions are only on the screen for 13 seconds.

If you follow the list above you will end the NBA 2KTV episode with a solid chunk of VC. This is fairly simple and easy to do so you should finish this episode if you are looking to get some easy VC for your player. Or continue onto our Episode 15 answers guide.

For more free stuff like cards, in-game items, and MyTEAM Tokens be sure to check out our frequently updated NBA 2K23 Locker Codes page. This page features all currently active codes you can input to receive rewards.

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