NBA 2K22 Daily Activities You Should Complete

NBA 2K22 features a number of daily activities for players to take part in. These daily activities typically don’t require a ton of effort, but are rewarding to complete. To help ensure you know what you should be doing each day see our NBA 2K22 Daily Activities guide below.

Spin the Daily Reward Wheel/Statue

The daily spin in The City in NBA 2K22.

The past few games the Daily Spin has not been worth the effort, but things have now changed. Spinning the wheel or interacting with The City Affiliation statues is now worth the few minutes of your time each day. Some of the prizes players can win include 250k VC, infinite Gatorade boosts, and clothing. These huge prizes can be game changing if you manage to win them.

The Music Scene: Marvin’s Room Personal Quest

Marvin at Erick's Vinyl in NBA 2K22.

A daily side quest is The Music Scene: Marvin’s Room. This side quest tasks you with visiting Marvin at the Erick’s Vinyl store. Marvin will ask you three music trivia questions each day. Answer the questions correctly to earn +1,000 MVP Points and +25 Music Points. Answers to the questions are located in our Marvin’s Room trivia guide.

You Gotta Start Somewhere Personal Brand Quests

The next daily side quest you should be completing is the You Gotta Start Somewhere quests. This quest revolves around fashion. There are different objectives you are tasked to complete daily to secure +1,000 MVP Points and +25 Music Points. These objectives include wearing certain outfit types to doing fashion interviews with reporters.

Photo Challenge City Quests

Alongside the Personal Brand quests listed above there are a number of City quests for players to complete on the daily. One of the quests is a simple Photo Challenge given to you by Junior at the Old Gym. Junior’s quests tasks you with going and photographing specific targets for Junior. The targets can be other players, buildings, or special items. All you need to do is use your smartphone camera to take the picture. Completing this quest is an easy way to earn +1,000 MVP Points, fans, Free Spirit points, and Season XP levels.

Brand Daily Challenges

Many of the major brands in the game feature special daily brand challenges. These challenges typically task you with playing games in The City or completing special tasks in the Gatorade training center. If you like the multiplayer aspect of NBA 2K, these daily challenges give you an added bit of rewards for playing daily. The daily reps are:

  • Adidas.
  • Gatorade.
  • State Farm.

Speak to them each day to get their daily challenges. Complete the challenges to earn their challenge rewards including MVP Points, VC, Season Pass XP, and items.

Seasonal Events

The final daily activities you should keep your eyes open for is the seasonal events that occur. These events don’t happen each day but are typically scheduled for weekends. Seasonal events often feature special bonuses that make the events worthwhile including 2XP. Check the event schedule to stay up to date on what events are planned for the social hubs.

These are all the major daily tasks you should complete while you are playing NBA 2K22. They net you a wide variety of rewards and bonuses that greatly help your MyCAREER. Alongside these quests you should be playing NBA games to earn VC that you can use to make your player better.

Thoughts on our NBA 2K22 Daily Activities guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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