NBA 2K22 You Gotta Start Somewhere Unique Outfit Guide

In The City in NBA 2K22 there are a variety of side quests for players to complete to advance their careers. Many of these side quests come down to side hobbies like music and fashion. One fashion quest is You Gotta Start Somewhere: See and Be Seen. This quest tasks you with wearing a unique outfit around The City. This objective has led to a bit of confusion among players. To help you complete this quest here’s our NBA 2K22 You Gotta Start Somewhere guide.

Where to get a Unique Outfit in NBA 2K22

To start this quest you will need to speak to Ricky about increasing your Fashion Personal Brand. After speaking to Ricky you get the objective to “Put on a Unique Outfit.” What unique means is left rather vague, but there is a specific collection of apparel you need to wear to complete this quest. Many players have tried a variety of outfit types without much luck.

The unique outfit the game is speaking of is Affiliation clothing. This means you need to visit your Affiliation store, buy some clothing items, and then wear them. Two Affiliation items will complete the quest. Wear the clothing items for a few minutes in The City and you will complete the quest.

For completing this quest you earn MVP Points and Points in Fashion. This is just one of many side quests players can complete in NBA 2K22. These side quests unlock a variety of rewards and bonuses for completion. See our Marvin’s Room guide for answers to the music trivia.

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