How to Change NBA 2K22 Affiliation in The City

When you create your MyPLAYER in NBA 2K22 you are given a random The City affiliation. This random club determines which part of the city you call your home base. There are four possible affiliations players can be: South City Vipers, Western Wildcats, North Side Knights, and Beasts of the East. If you are unhappy with your affiliation there is a way to change it. Continue reading below to learn how to change NBA 2K22 Affiliation.

Change Affiliation in The City

Changing your affiliation is a fairly simple matter. Each affiliation has its own town hall in their part of The City. If you wish to join a different club visit the town hall of the affiliation you wish to join. At the town hall approach the building and interact with it. This triggers the affiliation transfer request to appear. Select transfer to join the town hall’s affiliation.

If you wish to transfer you need to ensure you transfer during the first week of the Season. If you wait too long you will be unable to switch until the next season begins. Be sure you wish to transfer to avoid yourself the hassles latter on.

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    Can you switch as many times as you want in the first week?

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