NBA 2K22 Daily Reward Details Guide, Where to Find and Rewards

The City in NBA 2K22 featured a number of daily activities for players to login and complete. These daily activities range from special side quests to a prize wheel players can spin for rewards. If you are looking for details on the daily wheel this post is for you. Continue reading below to learn all about the NBA 2K22 Daily Reward.

Where to Find the Daily Reward in NBA 2K22?

Image showing the map location of the daily rewards statues in NBA 2K22.

The daily reward is a special location players can visit in The City that is tied to each of the four Affiliations. The statue for the Daily Reward is located at the four corners of the central building in The City. The easiest way of finding the statue is to open your map, tab over to Points of Interest, then highlight Daily Reward. This shows you which statue to go to.

What can you win in the Daily Reward?

Image showing a Daily Reward statue in NBA 2K22.

Each day you can approach the statue of your Affiliation and interact with it. This does a random spin which rewards you with a variety of different items. There are a ton of prizes you can win including:

  • Boosts.
  • Apparel and shoes.
  • VC.
  • XP boosts.

How much of each reward you get varies. There have been reports of players receiving large amounts of VC and Boosts just from spinning each day.

Given how quick spinning the wheel is each day it is in your best interest to make this a daily activity. The possiblility of winning some of the major prizes like 250k VC or unlimited boosts far outweigh the little bit of effort required to go to your statue.

What have you won from the NBA 2K22 Daily Rewards? Let me know in the comments below.


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