Legendary Animals – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there are special ‘Alpha’ animals players can hunt for rewards. These legendary animals are different than ones you find in the wild as they have both special models and lore attached to them. In total there are nine of these animals you can find and defeat. If you hunt all nine you will unlock the Master Hunter Trophy/Achievement. To find all of the Legendary Alpha Animals in AC Valhalla use our guide below.

Legendary Creatures List

Image showing the complete Legendary Animals list for Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

There are nine total Alpha animals players can find throughout the different areas of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. These animals reside in special boss areas that will trigger a fight with the animal when you enter. If you have settings on in the game that show exploration dots they will appear as paws on your map when you get close to them. The list of animals is as follows:

  1. Elk of Bloody Peaks.
  2. Black Shuck.
  3. The Corpse Feeders.
  4. Beast of the Hills.
  5. Gemad-Wulf.
  6. Aelfred’s Battle-Sow.
  7. The Blood Swine.
  8. Bear of Blue Waters.
  9. Wildcats of the Weald.

If you find and defeat all of the animals listed above you will unlock the Master Hunter Trophy/Achievement. Each animal you hunt will drop a head you can give to Wallace at the Hunter’s Hut in your settlement to unlock special decorations in the Longhouse.

you will find more information on each of the legendary animals below. Note the order is how it is presented in the Hunter’s Log. This order follows the level of each of the animals. With that said you can fight whichever animal you want whenever you want.

Elk of Bloody Peaks (Norway)

The first legendary animal you can hunt can be found in the Norway map of the game. This animal has a low recommended power and introduces you to the Alpha animal system. The exact location of the Elk of Bloody Peaks is shown on the map above. It can be found in the Norway map’s Rygjafylke area. When you reach this area you will see the elk in its boss arena. Enter the arena to trigger the fight against this legendary elk.

Black Shuck (England)

Once you reach England you will find a number of legendary animals across the large map. These animals come in all power ranges with many being up in the 300 range. The first England legendary animal you can hunt that is low level is the Black Shuck. This animal can be found in old ruins in the East Anglia area of England in some old ruins. Consult the map above for the exact locations of this black hound.

The Corpse Feeders (England)

The Corpse Feeders are next on the list. This trio of wolves can be found terrorizing a village in the Oxenefordscire area of England. Unlike the above mentioned legendary animals you need to defeat three wolves during this fight to complete it. To test your mettle against the trio head to the location on the map above. Good luck.

Beast of the Hills (England)

If fighting a trio of wolves got you stressed the next legendary animal you can face is the Beast of the Hills. This bear can be found drinking deep in the Uriconium Ruins in the Sciropescire area of England. When you crawl under the wall in the ruins you will enter the boss arena. Be ready to fight as soon as you enter because although drunk this bear doesn’t mess around.

Gemad-Wulf (England)

Switching gears from bear to wolf we have the Gemad-Wulf. This wolf can be found in some old ruins in the Lincolnscire area of England. When you enter the ruins the fight with this wolf will trigger. This wolf marks the first boss fight that introduces adds. As you whittle away at the wolf’s health it will summons smaller wolves to come to its aid.

Aelfred’s Battle-Sow (England)

After the above mentioned animals you will jump to much higher and harder animals to fight. First up in the high-level legendary animals is Aelfred’s Battle-Sow. As the name of this animal suggests you will find it residing in a farmer’s field in the Suthsexe area of England. In this field you will find the large cow you need to fight alongside a number of smaller bulls.

The Blood Swine (England)

To keep the livestock theme going we have a large legendary boar next called The Blood Swine. This boar makes its home in the swampy section of Eurviscire in England. This area has dense foliage, which can make finding this animal a touch difficult. With that said when you enter its boss arena it will attack you right away.

Bear of the Blue Waters (Norway)

We are in the home stretch of legendary animals with only two remaining. To find the legendary polar bear called the Bear of the Blue Waters we need to make our way back to Norway. On the starting are head to the Hordafylke. Here along the west coast you will find some islands. On a small island the polar bear is found.

Wildcats of the Weald (England)

The final animal you need to hunt to get the Master Hunter Trophy/Achievement is actually two animals. Dubbed the Wildcats of the Weald the pair can be found in the Hamtunscire area of England. To complete this legendary animal hunt you need to defeat boss the young and old wildcats.

This concludes our look at all nine base game Legendary Animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. To unlock the Master Hunter Trophy/Achievement you need to go to the hunting sites listed above. Once you are at the site you need to defeat the animal you find there. When you defeat your ninth animal the Trophy/Achievement will pop.

The Black Stout (Ireland DLC)

The Black Stout is a DLC Legendary Animal that players can hunt on the new map of Ireland. This animal is found in the Ulster region at the location called . This is one of the stronger animals you will face while you are hunting as it has a recommended power of 469. When you manage to take this animal down you will receive a Bone Sickle weapon for your troubles.

Besides Trophy/Achievement hunting there are other benefits to defeating these animals. Each animal drops resources when killed. This can be an easy way to get leather. Another benefit is that you earn XP which allows you to unlock skills.

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