Beast of the Hills – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

Image showing the Beast of the Hills legendary animal.

In the Sciropescire area of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there is a legendary animal players can hunt called the Beast of the Hills. This large bear is one of nine legendary animals players can hunt as part of the Master Hunter Trophy/Achievement. Besides progress towards the achievement completing this hunt also earns XP, materials, and area mystery progress. To help you find and defeat this legendary bear we’ve put together the guide below.

Suggested Power: 160-190.

Where to Find the Beast of the Hills

Image showing the map location of the Beast of the Hills Legendary Animal.

Hunting Log: “Welsh hunter’s warned me, “No kingdom shall take the hills owned by the Beast.” They showed me skulls reduced to powder and tracks the size of Roman baths.”

The Beast of the Hills is a large legendary bear players can hunt in Sciropescire, England. This legendary animal can be found in the Uriconium Ruins (located directly east of the actual marker). To gain access to these ruins you need to find the door built into the cliff face. Once you find this door simply follow the ruins until you reach a wall with a hole in it you can crawl through. When you crawl through the hole you will come face to face with the Beast of the Hills.

How to Defeat Beast of the Hills

Although the Beast of the Hills opens the fight by drinking a keg full of alcohol don’t let that fool you. This bear is a fairly tough fight if you aren’t powerful enough. The main issue during this fight is that the bear is tanky but also deals fairly high damage. Alongside this combination there are also snakes around the arena that the bear will eat for health if you don’t defeat them.

My tips for taking down this legendary is to make a save by the wall hole first off. Run a build you feel comfortable playing which could be pure range melee or hybrid. Make sure you are stocked up on rations prior to the fight to ensure you have ample healing. Take your time and attack during openings.

Rewards for Beating the Beast of the Hills

Like other legendary animals you will receive a number of rewards for felling this creature. Upon defeat you will earn XP, +1 Sciropescire Mystery, +68 Leather materials, and the Skratii Scheme (Front) Tattoo. Once you turn the head into Wallace the head is mounted in your Longhouse at the settlement.

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    It was extremely helpful

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