The Corpse Feeders – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Legendary Guide

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The Corpse Feeders are a group of legendary animals you can hunt in Oxenefordscire in England. This trio of wolves has taken residence near Perie where they are feeding on villagers. As legendary animals you will want to hunt them down so you can mount their heads on your wall. For help in finding and complete this legendary hunt check out our The Corpse Feeders guide below.

Suggested Power: 90.

How to Start the Corpse Feeders Hunt

The Corpse Feeders are a trio of wolves you are able to hunt in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This hunt is one of nine legendary animal hunts players can complete in the game. Like previous hunts you will encounter The Corpse Feeders in England.

To learn more about these legendary animals you can build the Hunter’s Hut at your settlement. Speak to Wallace to access the Hunting Log which keeps track of the legendary animals you’ve encountered so far. The trio of wolves is described in the Hunting Log as follows:

“Hunters of Oxenefordscire claim an entire village has fallen victim to these ravenous hounds, who made a witan of flesh, bone, and the innocent. A hefty, pesky sciremoot awaits with these fangs.”

To start hunting a legendary animal you need to simply head to its spawn location on the map. Once there you will be able to hunt it. There is more information on the exact location of the legendary wolf pack’s location below.

Where to find The Corpse Feeders

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This trio of wolves can be found on the England map in the area of Oxenefordscire. The exact location is just slightly northwest in the village of Perie. At this location you will find a mystery on your map. When you reach the location the blue mystery dot will turn into a paw print suggesting a legendary animal is near. The wolves will not attack you until you enter the fenced in area so prepare outside of the fence accordingly.

How to Fight The Corpse Feeders

Fighting this group of legendary wolves is actually quite difficult. Up until now you’ve only faced solo animals. Since there are three wolves you need to defeat you will need to rely on group management to make this hunt easier. I highly recommend having the best equipment and a solid build before heading into this fight to improve your chances of success. Also ensure you have abilities on hand to make fighting the three a lot easier.

Rewards for Killing The Corpse Feeders

When you defeat the wolves you will receive a number of rewards for completing the hunt. These rewards are +1 Oxeneforscire mystery, XP, 56 Leather and the Death Hound’s Head. Take the head back to Wallace at the Hunter’s Hut and give it to him to have the trophy placed in the Longhouse. Wallace will also give you the Hollowed Monolith scheme for your troubles.

The Corpse Eaters are the one of nine total legendary animals for players to hunt in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Completing all nine hunts will unlock the legendary hunting trophy.

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  1. Brett says:

    I’m level 80 ran in there with bone biter and killed them all while on the grounds it’s not that hard.

  2. Michael beller says:

    The roof thing worked. Thank you

  3. Jason says:

    Getting up on one of the roofs in the arena allows you to fight one wolf at a time. Move to the far end of the roof, wait for the wolf to attack, dodge to one side and heavy attack. Repeat

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