Black Shuck – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

In the East Anglia area of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there is a legendary animal players can hunt called the Black Shuck. This rabid black dog is one of nine legendary animals players can hunt as part of the Master Hunter Trophy/Achievement. Besides progress towards the achievement completing this hunt also earns XP, materials, and area mystery progress. To help you find and defeat this legendary dog we’ve put together the guide below.


Suggested Power: 30-50.

Where to Find Black Shuck

Image showing Where to Find Black Shuck.

Hunting Log: “O, such howls. Say the Anglians in horror. It haunts the skies. Guthrum shat himself upon hearing the howl of the Black Shuck and left for Wincestre, cock between his legs. He niggles you long so you die slowly hearing him chew.”

The Black Shuck legendary dog can be found in England in the East Anglia region. This legendary animal resides on the southeast tip of the area inside an old, ruined building. When you reach the building you will see the dog inside. When you go into the building you will trigger the boss fight against Black Shuck.


How to Defeat Find Black Shuck

Image showing the Black Shuck legendary animal.

The Black Shuck is one of the earliest legendary animals you can fight in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as it has a relatively low level. This animal will charge you the moment you enter the area so be ready for an attack. After this charge the dog will fall into its attack pattern which is attack and run. The dog often runs circles around the arena making melee hard to do. I recommend bringing a bow and some arrows to deal with this mutt.

As I have been doing I recommend stocking up on Rations before entering the fight. Also ensure you are somewhat near the power recommendation for this fight as you will be wasting your time otherwise. Before you enter the boss arena be sure to make a save so you can quick load there and try again if needed.

Rewards for Defeating Black Shuck

Like other legendary animals you will receive a number of rewards for felling this creature. Upon defeat you will earn XP, +1 East Anglia Mystery, some Leather materials, and the Vordr’s Bite (Axe). When you turn the head into Wallace it is mounted in your Longhouse at the settlement.

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