How to Have Pokemon Follow You in Pokemon Sword/Shield Isle of Armor

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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield‘s first expansion is called the Isle of Armor. In this expansion players journey to a new area where they can capture new pokemon, battle new enemies, and unlock new gameplay features. One of the new gameplay features in the Isle of Armor is actually a returning feature from previous titles, but is new to both Sword and Shield. This feature is the ability to have pokemon follow you around the isle. To learn more about this feature here’s our look at how to have pokemon follow you in Isle of Armor.

Complete the Three Dojo Trials to Unlock Pokemon Follow Ability

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When you arrive on the Isle of Armor you will meet your rival. Once you’ve done this you will make your way to the Master Dojo where you will meet Master Mustard. Master Mustard agrees to take you on as a student. As a student of the Dojo you will get the chance to compete in three trials. Completing the following trials unlocks you a few rewards:

  1. Collect stolen Dojo outfit from fast Slowpokes.
  2. Get three Max Mushrooms from Warm-Up Tunnel.
  3. Defeat your rival in a Dojo battle.

Once you’ve successfully completed all of three Dojo trials Master Mustard will reward you with the secret armor and the ability to have pokemon follow you around on the Isle of Armor. The pokemon that follows you is the one in the first slot of your party list, meaning if you want to change which pokemon follows you will need to move the one you want to follow to the first slot.

Besides having a pokemon follow you around there is no other impact of this game mechanic. Also keep in mind the following pokemon wont show in buildings or back on the main island. This following mechanic only applies to the Isle of Armor (for now).

Conversely if you are a soul-less person who doesn’t like having your pokemon follow you around you can turn off this feature by speaking to the Pikachu kid inside the Dojo kitchen. This NPC will ask you about taking your pokemon for a stroll. Select Yes to have them follow you or no to put them away.

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