Where to Find the Slowpoke Thieves in Pokemon Sword/Shield Isle of Armor

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As you advance the story in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Isle of Armor you will reach the Master Dojo. Inside the Master Dojo you will fight Mustard and then receive your Dojo outfit. After receiving your outfit your rival will complain about not getting one. As Mustard gives the outfit to your rival a pack of Slowpokes steals the outfit from her. To continue the story you need to find the Slowpoke. To help you do this use our where to find the Slowpoke thieves guide below.

Where to Find Slowpoke Thieves to Get Uniform Back

Image showing a Fast Slowpoke in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Isle of Armor.

Leave the Dojo and head west past the bike girl so you reach the location called Soothing Wetlands. In the Soothing Wetlands you will encounter the three fast Slowpokes that stole the three parts of the Dojo outfit. These three Pokemon are found separately in different parts of the Soothing Wetlands area and kick up a lot of dust while moving around (see picture above):

  1. Middle of Soothing Wetlands.
  2. East side of Soothing Wetlands next to cave.
  3. West side of Soothing Wetlands next to river.

To get the outfit back from them simply find and defeat all three in battle. To trigger the battle simply run into the fast Slowpoke. Since the pokemon are fast you will want to use your bike to catch them.

Once you defeat all three of the Slowpoke thieves you will have found all the missing Dojo outfit pieces. Take these pieces and head back to the Master Dojo so you can deliver the outfit to Master Mustard. Upon entering the dojo you will trigger a story cutscene with Honey and Mustard. At the end of the cutscene you will get the chance to choose to add either Squirtle or Bulbasuar to your party. Both Pokemon can Gigantamax.

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