Where to Get Kubfu in Pokemon Sword/Shield Isle of Armor

In the new Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield expansion Isle of Armor there is a special story pokemon players can get called Kubfu. Kubfu is a martial artist bear that is shy at first (KUBFU get it?), but grows more comfortable with you as journey across the isle. If you started the game and are wondering how to get this pokemon for yourself we’ve got you covered. Check out our where to get Kubfu guide below.

Complete the Three Dojo Trials to Get Kubfu

Image showing where to get Kubfu in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield in  Isle of Armor.

When you arrive on the Isle of Armor you will meet your rival. Once you’ve done this you will make your way to the Master Dojo where you will meet Master Mustard. Master Mustard agrees to take you on as a student. As a student of the Dojo you will get the chance to compete in three trials. Completing the following trials rewards you with the secret armor:

  1. Collect stolen Dojo outfit from fast Slowpokes.
  2. Get three Max Mushrooms from Warm-Up Tunnel.
  3. Defeat your rival in a Dojo battle.

Once you’ve successfully completed all of three Dojo trials Master Mustard will reward you with the secret armor. Turns out this armor is actually the pokemon Kubfu. After this interaction with Master Mustard Kubfu will join your team and you will unlock the ability to have a pokemon follow you around.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Kubfu in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Keep in mind that this pokemon has basically two evolution tracks depending on where you take it when it is in your party. This means you will probably want to read up on your evolution choices.

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