How to Evolve Kubfu in Pokemon Sword/Shield Isle of Armor

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Kubfu is a special pokemon you will receive during the story of the Isle of Armor in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Once this pokemon is attained you will be tasked with raising its friendship by visiting different areas of the island. After you’ve raised your friendship with this pokemon you will unlock the ability to evolve it. This evolution process is a bit unique so check out our how to evolve Kubfu guide below.

Evolve Kubfu By Completing The Tower of Waters or Tower of Darkness

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Note: Your Kubfu should be around Level 70 to start the Tower of choice below.

Once you’ve raised your friendship level with Kubfu you can return to Master Mustard to receive information on the evolution process of Kubfu. Basically you will be have to choose between completing either the Tower of Waters or the Tower of Darkness. Depending on which tower you choose determines the evolution of Kubfu:

Both towers play out the same way. You need to have a party of only Kubfu to enter the tower. Each tower is laid out the same way. You will need to battle five trainers in a row as you head up the tower. The first four trainer have one pokemon you will need to defeat. In-between matches you have time to heal using items from your inventory. At the top of the tower you will faceoff against Mustard. Mustard has a Kubfu you will fight. If you die at any point during this challenge you will need to try again.

Upon defeat of Mustard you will need to head to the scroll behind Mustard at the top of the tower. Interact with the scroll if you wish to level up your Kubfu into Urshifu. After Kubfu evolves Mustard will give you his League Card and you will head back to the Dojo. Enter the Dojo to meet with Hop and start the next portion of the main quest.

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