Where to Find Max Mushrooms in Pokemon Sword/Shield Isle of Armor

During your playthrough of the main story in the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield expansion, Isle of Armor, you will enter the Master Dojo. Inside the Master Dojo you will meet Master Mustard. Master Mustard has three trials for you to complete. The second trial is to find Max Mushrooms for him. To help you complete this task use our where to find Max Mushrooms guide below.

How to Get to the Warm-Up Tunnel

Image showing the entrance to the Warm-Up Tunnel in the

When you leave the Dojo after starting the second trial you will be stopped by Master Mustard. Master Mustard will tell you that you should start looking for Max Mushrooms in the area called Warm-Up Tunnel. To get to the Warm-Up Tunnel you will first need to traverse the Forest of Focus.

After the cutscene you will take control of your trainer inside the Forest of Focus. To get through the forest follow these directions:

  1. Follow the right path all the way until you reach the lost Dojo member at a Y in the path.
  2. Take a left at the Dojo Member and cross the wooden bridge.
  3. Take a right after bridge and follow path across bridge to Training Lowlands.
  4. Cross Training Lowlands so you reach Warm-Up Tunnel in distance.

Once in the Warm-Up Tunnel you can begin to search for the three Max Mushrooms needed to complete this trial for Master Mustard.

Where to Find All Three Max Mushrooms

Image showing where to find the Max Mushrooms in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Follow the main tunnel until you see the first cluster of Max Mushrooms. Approach these mushrooms and interact with them to trigger a cutscene with your rival. During this cutscene your rival will challenge you to a battle. Defeat your rival to pick the 3 clusters of Max Mushrooms. After this you will get a phone call. Listen to the call then make your way back to the Dojo by either retracing your steps or fast traveling.

When you are back at the Dojo you will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you will learn that you and your rival are the only ones to find the Max Mushrooms. You and the group will then eat some Max Soup. This ends the second trial.

Where to Get Max Mushrooms End-Game

After you’ve completed the game you will want to start farming Max Mushrooms more regularly. To get Max Mushrooms to spawn you will want to complete Max Raid battles. When you complete Max Raid battles the Max Mushrooms will grow in four potential locations:

  • Forest of Focus.
  • Courageous Cavern.
  • Warm-Up Tunnel.
  • Brawlers’ Cave.

You will need to complete three raids to have one mushroom appear on your island. The maximum amount of Max Mushrooms you can have on your island is six at one time.

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