How to Get to Dog World in Pet Simulator X

Dog World is a new world that players can visit in the popular Roblox experience, Pet Simulator X. This new location is themed around dogs and features a number of breakable objects for Cartoon Coins. Many players are wondering how exactly you get to this location. To help you out here’s our quick how to get to Dog World in Pet Simulator X guide.

Where is Dog World

Pet Simulator X Dog World entrance.
Use this cannon in Limbo to go to the new world.

The Dog World update in Pet Simulator X introduced a thrilling new world called Dog World. To access this world, you must first unlock Kawaii World and venture into Limbo. Once you meet this requirement, make your way to the Blue Cannon adorned with the Dog World sign in Limbo. Approach the cannon with determination and interact with it to embark on an exhilarating flight to the enchanting new world featuring new eggs, pets, and secrets to uncover.

When you reach the new world you will enter the first biome called Dog Park. This biome is home to the Dog Eggs which feature the new Dog Pets that players can hatch. Among these pets includes a very rare Hot Doooog that has the hatch rate of the Banana, making it one of the rarest pets you can potentially get in the game.

That’s all you need to know to get to Dog World in Pet Simulator X. This new location is for high level players who have Huge and Titanic Pets in their teams. Those without strong teams will find it hard to advance through the area as many of the breakables have high HP. If need be seek out fellow PSX players to make farming this world more enjoyable.

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