How to Get to Kawaii World in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X Kawaii World.

Roblox Pet Simulator X experience got a fairly large update on Saturday. This update fixed a number of bugs and added a brand new biome for players to explore. This new area is Kawaii Village and getting to it can be a bit of a trek. To learn how to get to Kawaii World in Pet Simulator X see our guide below.

Where is Kawaii Village

The Kawaii World is accessible by going into Limbo and completing Doodle World. Once you’ve completed the Doodle World biome you can access the Kawaii World biome to the right of Doodle World in Limbo. Go down the path marked #2 and walk to the end to reach the portal that takes you to the new Kawaii Village biome. This biome has 4 named areas: Kawaii TokyoKawaii VillageKawaii Candyland, and Kawaii Temple for players to explore.

Like other biomes in the game you will find that there are new pets you can unlock in this area. There are 13 new pets in total plus 2 new Huge Pets: the Huge Kawaii Cat and the Huge Bread Shiba. The new pets hatch from 3 new egg types in Kawaii World: the Cafe Egg, Sakura Egg, and Kawaii Egg. All of the Kawaii World eggs have gold egg variants players can hatch too.

Alongside the new eggs there is also a new chest to break open. This new chest is the Giant Kawaii Chest. When it open the chest drops a high amount of the Cartoon Currency. Near the chest the Secret Dojo area.

That’s all you need to know to get to Kawaii World. Given it is accessed through Limbo keep in mind that those areas are high level. This means you need to have a solid pet team to make your way through it.

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