Pet Simulator X St Patrick’s Event Guide

Pet Simulator X St Patrick's Event cannon.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Roblox’s Pet Simulator X experience is holding a special St Patrick’s event. While this event is live, players can complete special quests, earn Clover Coins, and unlock new pets. To help you complete this event here’s our complete Pet Simulator X St Patrick’s Event guide.

How to Start the St Patrick’s Event and What Quests to Complete

The new St Patrick’s Event is located in its own area in Pet Simulator X. This area is accessed by using the cannon in the Spawn World area. This takes you to the St Patrick’s Event World where you will find there are a few quests to complete while the event is active:

  • Quest 1: Break 150 Clover Coin Piles.
  • Quest 2: Break 50 Clover Coin Pots.
  • Quest 3: Participate in Giant Rainbow Event.

The quests listed above must be completed in order. When you complete one of the quests listed above you will unlock a door in the St. Patrick’s Event location. Behind each door you will find an area featuring Eggs you can purchase using Clover Coins.

How to break 150 Clover Coin Piles

Pet Simulator X Clover Coins Pile.
Clover Coin Pile.

The first quest you need to complete is to Break 150 Clover Coin Piles. These new event piles appear across the different locations in Pet Simulator X. If you are looking for a quick farming area head to Fantasy World Samurai Island. This island doesn’t require having super high level pets and the Clover Coin Piles spawn in fairly frequently. To break the piles simple have your pets attack them until they break.

Once you’ve broken 150 Clover Coin Piles head back to the St Patrick’s Event area. Go to the Quest 1 gate and unlock it by spending 500K Clover Coins. Opening this area unlocks the Leprechaun Village which sells two types of eggs: Leprechaun for 200k Clover Coins and Golden Leprechaun for 1.8m Clover Coins.

How to break 50 Clover Pots

Pet Simulator X Clover Pots.
Clover Pots.

The second quest you need to complete is to Break 50 Clover Pots. This quest doesn’t become active until you’ve completed quest 1. Once that quest is completed, and you’ve unlocked the Leprechaun Village, head back to the Fantasy World Samurai Island. Repeat the farming process you used for quest 1 but focus your attention on sending your pets out to destroy the large Clover Pots that spawn in.

Once you’ve broken 50 Clover Pots head back to the St Patrick’s Event area. Go to the Quest 2 gate and unlock it by spending 2.5m Clover Coins. Opening this area unlocks the Rainbow Heights which sells two types of eggs: Horseshoe for 800k Clover Coins and Golden Horseshoe for 1.8m Clover Coins.

How to Participate in Giant Rainbow Event

Pet Simulator X Giant Rainbow Event Rainbow.
Giant Rainbow Event.

The final quest of the St. Patrick’s Event is to participate in the special Giant Rainbow Server Event. This event occurs every three hours on a server. There is a notice that appears when the event is live. You can also check the quest 3 gate to see a countdown for when the next event will be.

When the Giant Rainbow event is active make your way the Spawn World. Here you will see a rainbow you can run up going to a new area. On the rainbow treasure chests spawn that you must destroy. Each time you destroy a chest you will spawn more of the rainbow which allows you to go further.

Eventually you will reach the end of the rainbow where there is a special area. In this area you will find a bunch of Clover Coin Piles and Clover Pots. Past these items is an 5m Pot of Gold Egg you can purchase that features the chance at Huge Pets.

After you’ve taken part in the challenge return once more to the St Patrick’s Event World. Open the third and final quest 3 area called Lucky Castle using 10m Clover Coins. In this area you will find two types of eggs: Lucky Kingdom for 1.5m Clover Coins and Golden Lucky Kingdom for 13.5m Clover Coins.

New St. Patrick Event Pets in Pet Simulator X

Like previous special events in the past this event features limited time pets to unlock. These pets all have some type of St. Patrick’s Day theme. Opening the different event Eggs during the special event will give you the chance of unlocking the following pets.

  • Leprechaun Cat
  • Irish Corgi
  • Clover Fairy
  • Huge Leprechaun Cat
  • Clover Axolotl
  • Secret Clover Unicorn
  • Huge Clover Unicorn
  • Huge Clover Dragon

These pets come in different rarities and varieties. The more rare the pet, the harder it will be to get. With that said if you consistently play and purchase the eggs you should be able to snag a lot of them.

Thoughts on our Pet Simulator X St Patrick’s Event guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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