Pet Simulator X Pot of Gold Egg

Pet Simulator X Pot of Gold Egg.

In Roblox’s Pet Simulator X there is a special event players can take part in called the St. Patrick’s Event. This limited time event features a new currency to collect and new eggs to hatch. The most expensive egg of this event is the Pot of Gold. To learn more about this egg, see our Pet Simulator X Pot of Gold Egg guide below.

How to Get a Pot of Gold Egg

Pet Simulator X Giant Rainbow Event.
Giant Rainbow Event.

To gain access to the Pot of Gold Egg you need to wait for a special, seasonal event to occur on the server. This seasonal event is called St. Patrick’s Giant Rainbow Event. When this event is active a large rainbow appears in the Spawn Point World. Players must run along this rainbow and defeat treasure chests that appear.

After defeating 5 treasure chests the rainbow will reach a new area. In this area you will find Clover Coin Piles and Clover Pots. Past these breakables is a pedestal area that contains the Pot of Gold Egg, which sells for 5m Clover Coins.

What’s in the Pot of Gold Egg

Like other eggs in the game, the Pot of Gold Egg contains special pets for players to unlock. These pets are all seasonally themed, so they have various elements of St.Patrick’s Day attached to them. The possible pets you can unlock in the Pot of Gold Egg are as follows:

Pet% Chance
Irish Corgi95%
Clover Fairy???
Clover Axolotl???
Clover Unicorn???
Huge Leprechaun Cat???
Huge Clover Unicorn???
Huge Clover Dragon???

Unfortunately given the nature of this egg, there is no way to guarantee a drop. The only thing you can do is acquire as much Clover Coins as possible and hatch as many Pot of Gold Eggs as you can. Hopefully the RNG gods are on your side. Good luck.

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