How to Get Clover Coins in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X Clover Pot.

The St Patrick’s Day Event is now live in the Roblox pet collecting experience, Pet Simulator X. This event tasks players with collecting a new currency in-game to spend on Eggs. The new currency is aptly named Clover Coins and getting it can be a bit confusing. To learn how to get Clover Coins in Pet Simulator X, see our guide below.

Break Clover Coin Piles

Pet Simulator X Clover Coins Piles.
A Clover Coin Pile.

The first method you can use to acquire Clover Coins is to break the special Clover Coin Piles scattered around each area. These piles are green in color and the coins in them have Clovers on them. To break them simply have your pets attack it and then collect the coins it drops. As you break more piles, more will spawn into the area.

Break Clover Pots

If Clover Coin Piles are a little to small for you, you can switch your attention to Clover Pots. Like the name of these items suggests they are large pots full of Clover Coins. These Clover Pots appear randomly in different areas. Send your pets to break them and collect the coins it drops. When a pot is broken another may spawn into the area.

Take Part in the Giant Rainbow Event

Pet Simulator X Giant Rainbow Event.
Giant Rainbow Event.

About every 3 hours while the St. Patrick’s Event is running there is a special server event that takes place. This server event is called the Giant Rainbow. When the event is active you get the chance to destroy chests along a rainbow. When these chests are destroyed they drop a bunch of currencies including Clover Coins.

Break Everything Else

While the above three methods are the event way of getting Clover Coins, you can actually get coins from simply playing the game. Every time you break piles, gifts, crates, safes, vaults, and chests, you receive some Clover Coins too. A super quick method of acquiring a lot of Clover Coins is to focus on destroying Large Chests in the later areas. They drop a ton of event coins when broken.

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