How to Make Rainbow Pet in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X Rainbow Machine.

In the Roblox experience Pet Simulator X there are different rarities and look types for pets. One of the most rare look types is having a pet be rainbow color. While a pet being rainbow from an egg is simply a matter of chance, there is a manual way to make your pets rainbow. To learn how to make rainbow pet in Pet Simulator X, see our guide below.

Where to Turn a Pet Rainbow

If you’ve been walking around Pet Simulator X you may have noticed players with rainbow pets. These rainbow pets are rare variants of normal pets you may have encountered. While many of the pets you see that are rainbow come randomly from eggs, there is a machine in the game that allows you to turn any pet you have rainbow!

To find the Rainbow Pet machine make your way to the Mine biome area. In this biome walk about halfway and look to your right. You will see a pair of stairs leading up to a machine. Walk up the stairs and approach the machine to trigger gain access to the Rainbow Machine.

How to Turn a Pet Rainbow

Pet Simulator X Rainbow Machine menu.
The chance of getting a Rainbow Pet.

Before you place any pets in the machine you will need to know how it works. Be for you start ensure that you have a Golden Pet available to you (ideally many of the same type). Basically the more of the same type of Golden Pet you place in the machine, the higher the chance is that you turn it rainbow. The table below details the Rainbow Pet chances.

Golden Pets InputtedCost% Chance of Rainbow Pet
1 of same type400 Diamonds13%
2 of same type700 Diamonds29%
3 of same type1,050 Diamonds47%
4 of same type1,400 Diamonds63%
5 of same type1,750 Diamonds88%
6 of same type2,250 Diamonds100%

An important thing to keep in mind with the Rainbow Machine is that you are taking a gamble if you put in less than 6 pets of the same type. If you fail to turn your pet rainbow you will lose the pets you put up along with the Diamond payment. This can be especially painful if you put up super rare pets.

There is a higher rarity of pet you will want to pursue after you’ve acquired a bunch of Rainbow Pets. This rarity is called Dark Matter. Creating Dark Matter pets makes them more powerful and simply requires using a machine in a certain biome.

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