Pet Simulator X Dog World Pets List

In the Dog World of Pet Simulator X there are a bunch of new dog themed pets for players to collect. These pets come from the world’s different eggs which can be purchased using Cartoon Coins. If you are wondering what all the Pet Simulator X Dog World Pets are, this guide will show you them all.

What Pets are in Dog World?

Pet Simulator X Dog World pets.
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In the Dog World update for Pet Simulator X there was added a total of 17 new animals for players collect. These dog pets include 15 normal sized pets of varying types and 2 HUGE pets to unlock. All of the pets available in Dog World come from the six Dog Eggs located in the Dog Park biome. The pets you can get from them are as follows:

  1. Wizard Westie (Basic).
  2. Detective Terrier (Basic).
  3. Punksky (Rare).
  4. Umbrella Dog (Rare).
  5. Nerd Collie (Rare).
  6. Robber Pug (Epic).
  7. Gamer Shiba (Epic).
  8. Torpedo Shepherd (Epic).
  9. Skateboard Bulldog (Epic).
  10. Basketball Retriever (Legendary).
  11. Bubble Dog (Legendary).
  12. Hot Dog (Mythical)
  13. Firefighter Dalmation (Mythical).
  14. HUGE Firefighter Dalmation (Exclusive).
  15. HUGE Basketball Retriever (Hardcore Exclusive).
  16. Hot Dooooog (Exclusive).
  17. Atomic Corgi (Secret).

All of the above can be hatched from the normal or golden variants of eggs in Dog World. Hatching Golden Eggs gives you the Golden (or higher) version of the pets listed above. These Golden Eggs have a much higher cost than normal eggs.

Rarest Dog World Pets

The rarest pets on the list above are the 2 Huge Pets and the Hot Dooooog pet. The Huge Pets are rare, but the Hot Dooooog pet is incredibly rare. According the official patch notes, the Hot Dooooog pet has the same chance of hatching as the Banana, making it incredibly valuable if you do manage to get your hands on one.

Which of the Pet Simulator X Dog World Pets do you want most? Let me know in the comments below.



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