How to Get the Hot Dog Hat in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Hot Dog Hat

While running around The City in NBA 2K23 you may have noticed other players running around with Hot Dog Hats on. These hats are an odd like and one that you may want to have in your inventory. Thankfully, getting the hat itself is fairly simple to do. Continue reading below to learn how to get the Hot Dog Hat in NBA 2K23.

2K23 Hot Dog Hat

To get this special hat for yourself you need to advance through the main quest arc of NBA 2K23‘s career mode. This means completing Handle Your Business, Control the Narrative, and Welcome to the League. Once those three quests are done you will unlock a collection of main quests to complete including one called Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs.

The Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs quest tasks you with helping hot dog stall runner Karl get more exposure. To do this he gives you the Hot Dog Hat and asks you to deliver flyers around The City. This kicks off a fairly short questline for players to complete. Following the completion of the quest players receive the Hot Dog Hat to keep along with some other rewards.

That’s all you need to know to get the Hot Dog Hat in NBA 2K23. This interesting headpiece is fairly simple to acquire if you are advancing the main storyline. Also be sure to check out our other 2K23 guides including how to fast travel, where to find Ronnie 2K in The City, and how to take a selfie.

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