NBA 2K23 Rebirth Guide

In NBA 2K23 there is a side quest that players can complete called Rebirth. This side quest is given to players by Ronnie 2K. To complete this side quest you need to complete a number of steps that include finding Ronnie in The City then completing a task for him. To help you complete all of the steps use our NBA 2K23 Rebirth guide below.

Find Ronnie 2K (Location 1)

When this side quest is active there will be no marker on your map. Instead you will need to search The City for Ronnie 2K. Ronnie 2K is located at the map location shown above in the Northside Knight area. He is standing near a dumpster.

At this location speak to Ronnie 2K next to the dumpster and he will task you with reaching Overall 65. Do this to receive the Ronnie 2K and Sophie Tee. Upon receiving the tee, Ronnie will move to a new location for you to find him.

Find Ronnie 2K (Location 2)

The next location you will find Ronnie 2K is in the eastside of the city in the shopping district area. Go to the store called Embellish and you will find Ronnie 2K chilling outside. Speak to Ronnie and he will tell you to reach level 75 Overall. Do this to receive the Spawn Point selection perk.

Find Ronnie 2K (Location 3)

The next location for Ronnie 2K is out front of the 2K Sports building. This building is located in the northside of The City at the map marker of my player on the map shown above. Speak to Ronnie 2K outside of the building and he will tell you to reach 88 Overall. Do this and you will unlock the ability to take off your shirt.

Find Ronnie 2K (Location 4)

Image showing the final location for Ronnie 2K in NBA 2K23 during Rebirth.
The final location of Ronnie 2K.

The final location for Ronnie 2K is outside of the South City Vipers area. Ronnie 2K is standing next to the sign outside of the snake mouth entrance shown on the map above. Speak to Ronnie here to unlock the final quest objective which is to reach 90 Overall. Complete this objective to receive Rebirth.

What Does Rebirth Do?

Rebirth is a special Perk you unlock from Ronnie 2K in NBA 2K23 at OVR 90. When you reach this mark with a MyPLAYER you receive the Rebirth ability. This ability is useful for players that like have multiple MyPLAYERS on the go. With Rebirth you now have the advantage to boost Max Rating of the the new player to 90 Overall.

Using Rebirth is fairly simple. When you create a new character you will be asked if you want create this character as a Rebirth player. If you select yes you receive the following:

  • Up to 25 badge points already earned.
  • Initial Max OVR 90.
  • Previously earned gameplay-related quest prizes carried over.

That’s all you need to know about the Rebirth ability in NBA 2K23. This ability is very useful if you plan to have multiple characters in-game. You can cut out a ton of grinding with this perk unlocked.

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