NBA 2K23 Spawn Points Guide

NBA 2K23 mixes things up a bit by introducing a few new side quests for players to complete. These side quests hold the unlocks you may be looking for. One side quest that features a number of unlockables is from Ronnie 2K. Included in the unlocks of this quest is Spawn Points. To learn more read NBA 2K23 Spawn Points guide below.

How to Unlock Spawn Points?

Image showing the second location of Ronnie during the Rebirth quest.
Ronnie in The City.

To unlock the ability to use Spawn Points in The City you need to advance the side quest called Rebirth. This side quest comes from Ronnie 2K. To complete this quest you need to find Ronnie in The City, speak to him, then complete the objective he gives you. To unlock the Spawn Point system you need to complete the second objective he gives which is to reach 75 Overall. Do this to unlock the Spawn Point system.

How to Set Spawn Points?

Image showing setting a Spawn Point in NBA 2K23.
Setting a Spawn Point in The City.

The Spawn Point system allows you to set any of the Subway Stations (AKA the Fast Travel System) as your Spawn Point when you enter The City for the first time. The points you can set are:

  • North Station.
  • Wildcats Station.
  • Knights Station.
  • Arena/One City Plaza.
  • East Mall Station.
  • The Block.
  • West Mall Station.
  • Vipers Station.
  • Event Center.
  • Beasts Station.

To set any of the locations mentioned above simply open your map and hover over any of the Subway Stations in the game. When you hover over a station you will get the option to Select it. Press the Select Button and you will be asked if you wish to set the station as a Spawn Point. Do this and the next time you spawn into The City you will appear at this point.

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