NBA 2K23 Fast Travel Guide

NBA 2K23 Fast Travel Guide

In NBA 2K23‘s MyCAREER mode players spend a good chunk of their time traversing a social area called The City. This large city is full of places to visit and can be a bit of a hassle to navigate. While there are a variety of transportation options for players to use, the quickest is the fast travel system. To help you use the system here’s a quick how to fast travel in NBA 2K23 guide.

How to Fast Travel in The City

Image showing a Fast Travel Station in NBA 2K23.
A Fast Travel Station.

In The City you will notice a number of subway stations littered throughout. These stations are called Fast Travel Stations. As the name suggests, you can fast travel using these locations to other locations on the map. To fast travel simple walk down the steps into the station below. This will bring up a menu of locations you can visit across the city. Selecting a location from this screen will take you to that location.

Fast Travel Stations in the City

Once you walk down the stairs the screen shown above will open. This screen gives you a number of different locations you can fast travel to. Many of the stations are close to locations you may need to visit regularly, like the Arena. The full list of Fast Travel Stations are as follows:

  • North Station.
  • Wildcats Station.
  • Knights Station.
  • Arena/One City Plaza.
  • East Mall Station.
  • The Block.
  • West Mall Station.
  • Vipers Station.
  • Event Center.
  • Beasts Station.

You can visit any of theses stations by simply using a Fast Travel Station in The City. Additionally you can unlock the ability to set any of these stations as a Spawn Point, allowing you to load into The City when you first start up the game.

An important note on fast traveling. If you are going for completion of the different MVP of the City quests I would not fast travel. Instead focus on using the different means of transportation like Skateboard, BMX, Go-Kart, and Inline Skates. Each of these has a quest associated with the distance you travel using them, so fast travel won’t help you here.

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