NBA 2K23 Shirt Off Unlock Guide

In NBA 2K23 players can flex their on court muscles in The City by popping the shirt off. This ability to take off the shirt is tied to completion of a specific quest in the game. To learn how to get the NBA 2K23 Shirt Off perk unlocked see our guide below.

Reach OVR 88 and Speak to Ronnie 2K

Image showing the Shirt Off Perk unlock in the Rebirth Side Quest of NBA 2K23.
You unlock the Shirt Off perk by completing part of the Rebirth side quest.

As you advance through the main questline in the MyCAREER mode in NBA 2K23 you will unlock a special Side Quest called Rebirth. This Side Quest tasks players with finding Ronnie 2K in various parts of The City. When Ronnie 2K is located he will give you a challenge to level up your MyPLAYER to a specific overall rating. In total there are 4 rating levels to reach: 65, 75, 88, and 90 OVR. Each level has a reward tied to it.

The reward for reaching OVR 88 is the Shirt Off perk. This perk, as the name suggests, allows players to pop their shirt off and walk around shirtless. Once you reach OVR 88 find Ronnie 2K and speak to him to unlock this ability.

How to Take Off Your Shirt in 2K23

Image showing how to take off your shirt in NBA 2K23.
How to take off your shirt.

Once you’ve unlocked the Shirt Off perk you may need some help in using it. Taking off your shirt is a fairly simple process. Push start while in-game and tab over to the MyPLAYER screen. On this screen select appearance and then select The City. Select Top and you will enter a screen that allows you to choose tops for your player. On this screen you will find the Shirt Off option as shown in the screenshot above. Select this option for your player to be shirtless.

There’s not much of a benefit to being shirtless in-game. There is no bonuses to not wearing a shirt. With that said if you like tattooing your MyPLAYER this option allows you to show off the tattoos you have on your chest/stomach/and back.

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