NBA 2K23 Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs Guide

In the MyCAREER mode of NBA 2K23 there are a number of main quests you unlock following the completion of Welcome to the League. These quests are broken up into different categories: Corporate, Music, and Fashion. The Corporate quest for you to complete is called Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs. Use our NBA 2K23 Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs guide to complete it.

Where to Start Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs?

Image showing the map location to start the Not Your Father's Hot quest in NBA 2K23.
The map location of the Not Your Father’s Hot Dog.

Once you complete the Welcome to the League quest you will unlock four new main quests to complete. One of these quests is Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs. This quest takes place in the Business District of The City (which is just outside the Arena) at the map location shown above. Go to this location when you have the quest available. Speak to Karl at the hot dog stand to start the quest.

Deliver Flyers to Erick’s Vinyl, Swags, Thoroughly Washed, and Beat Box

Image showing the Hot Dog hat in NBA 2K23.
The Hot Dog Hat.

The next step of the quest is fairly simple. Karl gives you a Hot Dog Hat. Put the hat on by going to Start > MyPLAYER > Appearance > The City > Head. Once the hat is equipped you need to make 4x Flyer deliveries while wearing the hat:

  • Erick’s Vinyl.
  • Swags.
  • Thoroughly Washed.
  • Beat Box.

Use whichever means necessary to travel The City to reach these locations. That could mean Fast Travel Stations, skateboarding, go-karting, or running. Go around The City to each marker and interact with the person in each store. This delivers the flyer to them and triggers a cutscene.

Start Your Next Game and Take a Halfcourt Shot During Warm-Up

Half-court shot during the warmup in NBA 2K23.
Take the half-court shot.

Once you deliver all four of the flyers to the different stores the next step is to play an NBA game. Go to the arena and run out onto the court for warmups. Instead of shooting around you will appear at halfcourt. Here you have 5 seconds to hoist a shot. Do this and play the out the game.

Following the game you will complete the the Not Your Father’s side quest. You get the Hot Dog Hat, the NYFHD T-Shirt, +15,000 MVP Points, and +25 Corporate points for your efforts.

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  1. Eric Cap says:

    Can someone help? The quest is available but i can’t talk to Karl and can’t get the hat?

  2. Jay says:

    I’m making this shot idc how many time I gotta restart lol

  3. Anon Emos says:

    Did anyone make the shot yet?

  4. Rpm162 says:

    Go to Ericks vinyl last of the 4 flyer stops. That’s the only way I got it to work/let me in.

  5. TB says:

    Erick’s Vinyl won’t let me in

  6. Anthony says:

    I’ve been stuck on this damn half court shot for over 30 minutes with a 99 three point build….

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