How to Get the Dodo-ham-a Poogie Clothing in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World just released a new expansion in the form of Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Alongside this expansion there have been a number of new additions to the game including a new Poogie outfit that makes it look like a tiny mon. Below I will show you how to get the Dodo-ham-a Poogie clothing in Monster Hunter World.

Pick up Poogie & Put down Poogie

Image showing where to take your Poogie to find this outfit.

Go Astera and find your Poogie. Pick up the Poogie and carry it to in front of the Provision Stockpile. Place the Poogie on the ground and it will start searching. Your Poogie will find something. Interact with the Poogie to receive the Dodo-ham-a outfit.

Equipping the Dodo-ham-a Poogie Outfit

Once you have the outfit interact with your Poogie and select Change Clothes. Equip the Dodo-ham-a outfit and bask in the cuteness that follows.

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