How to Get the Frozen Speartuna Greatsword – Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Ever wanted to wield a large tuna fish like a greatsword. Well, I have some good news for you. The newest expansion, Monster Hunter World Iceborne features a number of new weapons. One new weapon is called the Frozen Speartuna. This large tuna fish is a greatsword. If you want one for yourself read our how to get the Frozen Speartuna greatsword guide below.

Complete the Trophy Fishin’ Event

Image showing the Trophy Fishin' Event.

To get the greatsword you need to complete the event called Trophy Fishin’. This event tasks you with hunting two Beotodus in 50 minutes. If you need assistance in doing this consult our guide here. Once you’ve defeated both Beotodus you will receive a Freezer Ticket. This material can be used to craft the Frozen Speartuna GS. Go to the Smithy.

Crafting the Frozen Speartuna

Image showing the crafting information on the Frozen Speartuna.

To craft the Frozen Speartuna for yourself you will need to acquire some materials. These materials are as follows:

  • 1x Freezer Ticket.
  • 3x Monster Toughbone.
  • 3x Cryo Sac.
  • 2x Gracium.

Once you have these materials, give them to the Smithy in exchange for the Frozen Speartuna. As the name suggests this greatsword features the Ice element. This can be useful on enemies found outside the

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