Monster Hunter World Iceborne Monster List

The newest expansion to Monster Hunter: World is finally here and with it comes a number of new monsters for players to hunt. These monsters range from series favorites and reworks to completely new monsters. Check out the full Monster Hunter World Iceborne monster list below.

Small Monsters

There are a total of four small monsters for players to find throughout the Hoarfrost Reach region. These four small monsters are as follows:

  1. Anteka
  2. Cortos
  3. Popo
  4. Wulg

Learn more about each small monster here.

Large Monsters

The majority of your hunts will be focused on a large monster target. These large monsters range from remixes of previous MHW monsters, old monsters from previous games, and new monsters. The complete list of Monster Hunter World Iceborne monsters is as follows:

  1. Beotodus
  2. Banbaro
  3. Viper Tobi-Kadachi
  4. Coral Pukei-Pukei
  5. Nightshade Paolumu
  6. Barioth
  7. Nargacuga
  8. Glavenus
  9. Tigrex
  10. Brachydios
  11. Shrieking Legiana
  12. Fulgur Anjanath
  13. Acidic Glavenus
  14. Ebony Odogaron
  15. Velkhana
  16. Seething Bazelgeuse
  17. Blackveil Vaal Hazak
  18. Namielle
  19. Savage Deviljho
  20. Ruiner Nergigante
  21. Shara Ishvalda
  22. Zinogre
  23. Yian Garuga
  24. Scarred Yian Garuga
  25. Brute Tigrex
  26. Gold Rathian
  27. Silver Rathalos

Monster Coming Soon

Monster Hunter World Iceborne marks the first major expansion to MHW. With the new expansion will come a number of new monsters that will be added over time. The monsters which have been announced so far are:

  1. Rajang (October 2019).

There you have it. A complete look at all the monsters in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Any comments, questions, or suggestions on our Monster Hunter World Iceborne monster list? Drop them in The Pit below.


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