All Small Monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

In the new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion there are a ton of new monsters for players to hunt. Alongside these large monsters there are a few small monsters as well. Check out our all small monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide below.

Note: The falling small monsters reside in Hoarfrost Reach.


Image showing the Cortos.

Useful Information: A windrake from the Hinterlands. Usually not aggressive, but may attack hunters in a bind. Its breath lowers elemental resistance.

Master Rank Materials: Cortos Hardclaw, Wingdrake Finehide.


Image showing the Wulg.

Useful Information: Miniature fange wyverns of the Hinterlands. They doggedly stalk prey as a pack, and will attack even foes much larger than they.

Master Rank Materials: Wulg Thickfur, Tough Claw.


Image showing the Anteka.

Useful Information: Herbivores of the tundra that are slightly more aggressive than Kelbi, using their horns to fend off any attackers.

Master Rank Materials: Anteka Antler, Prized Pelt.


Useful Information: Long-furred herbivores native to the tundra. Gentle in nature, they flee when attacked though grown males will defend their young.

Master Rank Materials: Raw Meat, Prized Pelt.

This concludes our look at the small monsters in the new Iceborne expansion. If you have anything to add shoot me a comment in The Pit below. Happy hunting!


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