Honkai Star Rail Trash Can Profile Picture

One of the more interesting things about Genshin Impact and, now, Honkai Star Rail is the amount of hidden things in the world. One of the interesting hidden things for players to find in Honkai Star Rail is special Trash Can profile picture. To learn how to get the Honkai Star Rail Trash Can profile picture for yourself, see our guide below.

How to Get the Trash Can Profile Picture

Make your way through the main story of Honkai Star Rail until you reach the Administrative District. Once you have access to this location head to the Neverwinter Workshop building. Instead of going into the building, go to the left of the entrance where Ministry of Education quiz giver Manya is standing.

Next to Manya you will find a shiny trash can. Approach this trash can and interact with it when prompted. The message will say the trash can is nothing special. Continue to interact with it and both March 7th and Dan Heng will comment on digging in the trash. Once you’ve completely exhausted their dialogue you will receive the

Once you’ve acquired the Trash Can profile picture you will want to equip it. To do this open the phone and then push the … button beside your player name. Select Trailblazer Profile and then push the currently active profile picture to bring up the pfp menu. Equip the Trash Can from the selection.

For more help with the game be sure to check out our other guides. These guides help you answer the trash can quiz, find the hidden children during hide and seek, and keep track of the game’s redemption codes.

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