Honkai Star Rail Hide and Seek Children Locations

Location of Hook during the Hide and Seek quest.

In Honkai Star Rail there is a quest players must complete in Boulder Town when they first arrive. This quest is called Hide-and-Seek. As the name of the quest suggests, players must locate three hidden children in the town to complete it. To help you find all of the children we’ve put together the complete Honkai Star Rail Hide and Seek guide below.

Where to Find the Children in Hide and Seek

When you start the Hide-and-Seek quest you will completed a practice round. During the practice round simply follow the quest marker to find Hook. After the practice round is complete you will need to complete a new round where you search an area for three children. This area is marked on your map.

Child 1 Location

From the quest start location turn to the left and go down the path leading south towards the exit to the Great Mine. At the end of this path on your left, behind a minecart, is Hook.

Child 2 Location

Go back to the town square area and head northeast along the path. Next to the treasure chest you will find some crates. Hiding behind the crates is the Moles Sidekick child.

Child 3 Location

The final child is a bit tricky to find since it is not actually a child at all. This makes finding him a bit more difficult since most players think it is a third child they are looking for. Instead you need to find an adult named Julian.

From where you found the Moles Sidekick child turn left and walk west. You will encounter a man standing in the shadow of a building. Speak to him to ‘find’ Julian, the third child who is wearing an adult disguise.

Once you’ve found all three children the quest will come to an end. The Moles will tell you about Fight Club and Hook will take you to it. Follow Hook to the location and go inside it to start The Eight and Final Rule mission.

There are more quests like this one for players to complete in the game. Be sure to check out our other Honkai Star Rail guides including help with finding the thief that stole the treasure and the answers for the Ministry of Education quiz.

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