Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz Answers

The Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 1) question.

In Honkai Star Rail players can take part in a daily mission that tasks you with submitting a thesis for Julien. This daily mission is multiple parts and requires players to answer questions correctly. During a sequence there is a Ministry of Education quiz to complete. To help you answer these questions correctly here’s the full Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education answers guide.

What are the Ministry of Education Answers for the On the Doorsteps of Science Quest

The Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 1) question.
First question asked during the quiz.

During the On the Doorsteps of Science daily mission you will need to complete a short quiz called the Ministry of Education quiz. This quiz features 8 parts and each part asks a different question. To advance the quest players must answer each of the questions correctly. If they don’t, they will need to try again. To ensure you don’t get them wrong use the answers below.

Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 1) Answer

2. Fourteen Cars.

Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 2) Answer 

1. 162.

Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 3) Answer

3. Eric.

Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 4) Answer

2. Philip.

Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 5) Answer

3. 6.

Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 6) Answer

2. Julian.

Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 7) Answer

1. Open the gold gate.

Ministry of Education Quiz (Part 8) Answer

2. Day twenty-nine.

To correctly answer the quest select the number and its corresponding answer. Each time you get a question correct you will complete the daily quest for that day. Return back each day to complete the other quests and their answers.

There are more challenges for players to complete in the game. See our Hide and Seek guide to find the hidden children, Old Foreman’s Treasure Thief solution, and take part in the Boulder Town Super League for help with those activities.

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