Honkai Star Rail Old Foreman’s Treasure Thief

The Cook in Honkai Star Rail talking to Sampo.

In Honkai Star Rail the Old Foreman’s Treasure is a special companion quest that players can complete. This quest tasks you with helping Hook find a treasure that has been stolen from her father. As you advance through this companion quest you will reach a point where you have to deduce who is the thief of the treasure. To help you make the correct conclusion we’ve put together this complete Honkai Star Rail Old Foreman’s Treasure thief solution guide.

Which Suspect Stole Hook’s Father’s Treasure

About midway through the Old Foreman’s Treasure companion quest you will go into the Great Mine. Here you meet with Hook. Hook tells you that there are four possible people that could’ve stolen the treasure: the cook, the tailor, the helper, and the merchant.

After you’ve spoken to Hook you will need to speak to the four suspects. Speak to each one and keep track of the stories they tell and the suspects they suspect are the thief. The gist of it is that cook said the helper did it, the tailor said it wasn’t her, the merchant said it was the cook, and the helper said it wasn’t him. Using deduction on this sentence we can determine that the cook is the thief.

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that the cook is the thief, tell Hook. You and Hook will then go over to the cook will go to confront him. He has ran away. Follow Hook deeper into the mine until you encounter him and Sampo. Defeat the cook in battle.

After the fight return to Boulder Town and speak to Balaway about the broken treasure. Make your way back to Natasha’s Clinic and speak to Fersman to tell him what happened. This concludes the Old Foreman’s Treasure companion quest.

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