Honkai Star Rail Redemption Codes (June 2023)

In Honkai Star Rail players can get a variety of free rewards from developer miHoYo by inputting special game codes. These codes come out rarely and reward players that input them with a variety of items that help with gameplay. Most codes come from special events, milestones, and other promotions. To keep track of the Honkai Star Rail Redemption Codes, see our guide below.

Active Honkai Star Rail Codes (June 7)

Honkai Star Rail mail rewards.
Rewards you input come in the form of mail.

Active codes are codes that currently are confirmed to work in the game. These codes can be inputted to unlock a variety of different in-game rewards including the likes of Stellar Jade, Credits, and even levelling and ascension materials. The table below features all active codes for the game and what they unlock.

BSN2EWMHA4RPAllStellar Jade x50
Credit x10000
SURPRISE1024AllStellar Jade x30
Adventure Log x3
Dust of Alacrity x2
Credit x5000
HSRVER10JYTGHCAllStellar Jade x50
Credit x10000
STARRAILGIFTAllStellar Jade x50
Traveler’s Guide x2
Bottle Soda x5
Credit x10000

Inputting any of the codes listed above will unlock the associated rewards. These rewards can help you while playing, especially if you are a solely free-to-play player.

How to Input Honkai Star Rail Redemption Codes

Honkai Star Rail Redemption Code location in-game.
Redemption ode location in-game.

There are two methods for players to input Honkai Star Rail Redemption Codes. These methods are either via Web Browser or in-game. Note that before you can receive your rewards you must have completed the quest A Moment of Peace. This unlocks the mailbox which is where your rewards appear:

  • Website: Redeem codes via the official Code Redemption page.
  • In-Game: Open phone and then open the Profile Settings (… Icon next to name). Select Redemption Code.

Once you’ve inputted a code from the table above you will then need to navigate to the in-game mailbox. This mailbox is the Letter icon when you open your phone in-game. Mail you get will say REWARD. Be sure to claim the items by pushing the Claim or Claim All buttons.

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