Honkai Star Rail The Shining Easter Egg

The Grady sisters Easter Egg in Honkai Star Rail.

In Honkai Star Rail there are a bunch of Easter Eggs players can discover. Many of these Easter Eggs are well hidden if you don’t know what to look for. One of the most interesting of the Easter Eggs is a reference to the classic 1980’s film The Shining. To help you find the Honkai Star Rail The Shining Easter Egg for yourself, see our guide below.

Where are The Grady Sisters in Honkai Star Rail

Hotel Corridor location in Honkai Star Rail.
Go down the Hotel hallway to encounter the twins.

To find Grady sisters in Honkai Star Rail you need to advance the main storyline forward until you reach the planet of Jarilo-VI. On this planet you go to the named area of the Administrative District. Here you get a room in the Goethe Hotel as the storyline advances.

Once you have access to the Goethe Hotel you can trigger The Shining Easter Egg. In the hotel make your way to the Hotel Corridor area. In this corridor interact with every room door (except for your own). Once you’ve done this you will trigger The Shining Easter Egg. There is a short cutscene where the girls appear to you and ask you to play with them forever…

After the interaction is complete you are returned to your room. You receive a few rewards for completing this special interaction including 2x Adventure Log and 20x Shield.

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