Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn Beast Guide

In Hogwarts Legacy there are a few beasts for players to use to navigate the world. The first type of beast is the Flying Mount which allows players to fly. The second type of beast is the Graphorn which is a large land creature that moves fast. This creature is both a mount and a magical beast. To learn more about this magical beast see our Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn guide below.

How to Get the Graphorn Mount

Hogwarts Legacy Lord of the Shore map location.
Lord of the Shore location.

If you’ve been playing the game for an extended period of time you may have noticed an empty mount summon slot on your item screen. This empty mount slot is for the Graphorn mount (AKA the Lord of the Shore). This beast mount can only be unlocked by completing the main storyline. In fact the unlock of this creature is very near the end of the game during the start of the San Bakar’s Trial.

Before you can enter the San Bakar’s Trial you are tasked with finding the Lord of the Shore. This creature is a Graphorn located at their den in the southeastern corner of the Clagmar Coast. You visit this location as part of the quest, but I’ve included the map location above for you as well.

Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn mount unlocked.
The Graphorn mount unlocked.

Once you’ve reached the den of the Graphorn you face off against the Lord of the Shore. This is a boss fight that occurs. During this fight defeat the Lord of the Shore beast to tame it. Once the beast is tamed you unlock it as a mount. You can place the Lord of the Shore in your Room of Requirement.

How to Catch Graphorn Beasts

Return to the den to find Gaphorns spawning.

The Lord of the Shore is a special creature, but the Graphorns are not. Once you’ve defeated the Lord of the Shore and completed the San Bakar’s Trial the Graphorn Den activities where you fought the Lord of the Shore. This means to catch Graphorn return to the den.

Catching a Graphorn works slightly different than other beasts since you first need to battle it. Once you’ve depleted its health it will fall over and you can use the nab-sack to catch it. Once you’ve caught a Graphorn you can take it back to the Room of Requirement. You can catch as many of these beasts as you want including different genders for breeding purposes.

Can you Breed Graphorn Beasts and What Materials Do They Make?

You can breed the Graphorn if you have both a male and female Graphorn and Breeding Pen in your Room of Requirement. The process takes 30 minutes to complete. You have to breed one of these animals to complete The Nature of the Beast trophy/achievement.

Like other animals the Graphorn produces the Graphorn Horn material that can be useful for players looking to use the Magic Loom to upgrade Gear. The Graphorn Horn is one of the materials used to reach Level 3 for Gear pieces.

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