Hogwarts Legacy Flying Mounts

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Mount.

In Hogwarts Legacy flying mounts are one of the ways that players can explore the world. These mounts are a bit different than the flying broomsticks since you can both fly and ride them on the ground. This guide will show you everything you need to know about flying mount in the game.

How to Get a Flying Mount

Hogwarts Legacy Highwing unlocked.
Flying mount unlocked after The High Wall.

The flying mount is unlocked upon completion of The High Wall story mission that occurs about 10 hours into the game. This mission is unmissable and has to be completed. During the mission you rescue Highwing from poachers and fly for the first time. After you escape the flying mount becomes yours and is available to ride whenever you wish.

How to Use the Flying Mount

Riding the flying mount works similar to flying on the broomstick. You summon the flying mount from the Item menu. Hold the menu open and press the mount summon button on the right side of the screen. This will summon your mount, which you will immediately hop on.

You can ride the flying mount on the ground or fly in the air with it. While on the ground you can gallop, making your mount go faster. To take off from the ground push jump. The mount will fly into the air, allowing you to travel that way. If you wish to go back to the ground simply flow back down to earth and the mount will land. To put away the mount push the dismount button.

How to Equip Flying Mount Skins

The base skin for the flying mount is Highwing, which is a white Hippogriff. This mount skin can be changed like you can change a gear piece appearance. To do this navigate to the Gear screen. On the right you will see the Flying Mounts icon. Select this icon to go to the mount skins screen. On this screen you can equip these skins (if applicable):

One thing to keep in mind when equipping mount skins is that you cannot do it while on the mount. You have to dismount and put the mount away then access the skin changing screen.

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