Hogwarts Legacy Cosmetic Alterations

Hogwarts Legacy Cosmetic Alterations are special skins that players can equip on different pieces of Gear they find. These cosmetic skins change the look of the characters Gear, but nothing stat related. In the game there is currently a total of 88 Cosmetic Alteration items players can equip to change the Appearance of their character. To learn more about how this system works, see our guide below.

How to Change Gear Appearance

In Hogwarts Legacy you will receive a number of appearance based items called Cosmetic Alterations. These items appear to not exist if you go looking for them on the Gear screen. The reason for this is due to the fact that they are actually skins that work as part of the Gear transmog system.

To equip Cosmetic Alterations in the game navigate to the Gear screen. On this screen hover over the Gear piece that you wish to change the appearance on. When you hover over the piece a smaller menu will pop up. On this menu you will see a few options. The option you want to trigger is Change Appearance.

On the Change Appearance you will see the different Gear skins you currently have available. Select whichever one you want to have it equipped on your character. Equipping the Gear skin will visually alter your appearance while keeping the stats unchanged.

How to Get Gear Skins

There are currently 88 Cosmetic Alterations players can get/find/purchase in Hogwarts Legacy. The ones you currently have access to are found on the Collections screen under Appearances. On this screen you will see which of the Appearances you’ve currently unlocked. You can get more of them as rewards by completing special accomplishments like challenges and quests (such as the Like a Moth to a Frame).

The game’s DLC cosmetics (called Additional Content) are also located on this page. Scroll to the bottom to see which of the cosmetics you’ve gotten through DLC. Some of the items in the Additional Content section can be acquired for free by linking your WB Games account to your Harry Potter Fan Club account.

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