Hogwarts Legacy Like a Moth to A Frame Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Like a Moth to A Frame is a side quest players can complete in the game by speaking to Lenora Eveligh in the Library Annex – Central Hall. This side quest tasks you with solving the mystery surrounding an empty painting frame in Hogwarts. To help you complete this side quest see our guide below.

Where to Start Like a Moth to a Frame?

The Like a Moth to a Frame side quest can be started in the Library Annex – Central Hall location of Hogwarts. The quest giver, Lenora Eveligh can be found inside of the room with the Mermaid Statue. She is located to the northeast of the statue standing in front of an empty painting along the wall. Approach and speak to her to begin the quest.

How to Complete Like a Moth to a Frame?

When you speak to Lenora Eveligh you learn that there are frames around Hogwarts that have no paintings inside of them. This has left Lenora stumped as to why that is. Being the good wizard/witch you are, you offer to look into it for her.

Hogwarts Legacy Like a Moth to a Frame painting.
Use Lumos on the frame.

Once you’ve spoken with Lenora look at the frame. While standing in-front of it cast the Lumos spell. A picture will appear in the frame showing a nearby location in the Central Hall. To complete the quest you need to find this location.

Hogwarts Legacy Like a Moth to a Frame moth location in Central Hall.
The moth is located in this corner.

From the painting turn southwest and go in that direction. Head down the stairs leading to the large doors. Hang a left at the bottom of the stairs and hang another left so you are looking at the wall. You should see a moth flying around in the is corner. It becomes attracted to the light from the wand. Take the moth and head back to the painting. Attack the painting to return to the moth to it.

Once you’ve returned the moth to the painting the final step of the quest is to speak to Lenora Eveligh again. Lenora Eveligh is located above the painting on the walkway there. Go up the stairs and speak to her. Following this interaction you will complete the Like a Moth to A Frame side quest. For completing it you receive XP and the Cobalt Regalia cosmetic alteration.

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