Where to Find Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Order and Deluxe Edition Items

One of the major selling features of Hogwarts Legacy is the huge amount of cosmetics available in the game. These cosmetics are designed to allows players to really get into the weeds of designing how their characters look. Like many other games there was a bunch of cosmetic items sold as part of the game’s pre-order and Deluxe Edition. The guide below shows you where to find Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Order and Deluxe Edition items.

Where are the DLC Cosmetic Gear Items?

If you pre-ordered, linked your WB Games and Harry Potter Fan Club accounts, or purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game there are cosmetic items available for you to claim. These items are really well hidden and quite confusing to equip. If you are on this page you are probably wondering where to find those items.

To reach the point of being able to apply your cosmetic skins imply playthrough the Introduction of the game. This means completing Vault Twelve. After this quest you go to Hogwarts and are sorted into a house. Following the sorting you start your first day of school. At this point you gain freedom to explore Hogwarts. You also gain access to the Gear screen.

On the Gear screen hover over the piece of Gear you wish to change the Appearance of. On the little pop-up menu you will see the option to open a new screen called Change Appearance. Push the button to go to the new screen containing any skins you have available for that type of Gear. If you have any DLC or bonus skins they will appear on this screen.

Where is the Thestral Mount?

Alongside the cosmetic items players received there is also a cosmetic flying mount available for players that got the Dark Arts Pack. To unlock the Thestra Mount, Sepulchria, players simply need to advance the main questline until they complete the mission called The High Keep that is about 10ish hours into the game.

At the end of The High Keep you unlock the default Hippogriff mount. When you’ve unlocked flying mounts you can then equip Spulchria from the Gear Menu. To do this, hover over the mount icon and pushing the Select button. This brings up the mount skin screen on which you will find the Thustral Mount.

Where is the Dark Arts Battle Arena?

The Dark Arts Battle Arena is a special arena that players can find in the Forbidden Woods. The location of this arena is located on the map above. To access it, destroy the 10 pots around it. Upon destroying the pots interact with the active statue to go to the arena. During this 5 wave challenge players can use forbidden spells. Complete this arena to receive the Duelist’s Mask.

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