Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 Guide

Hogwarts Legacy trigger combat plants simultaneously.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 is a special request you receive in game. To complete this request you need to acquire different plants for use in and out of battle. The plants need for the side quest are the Venomous Tentacula, Mandrake, Chinese Chomping Cabbage, and Fluxweed. To help you find these plants and complete the assignment use our guide below.

Grow and Harvest Fluxweed

The first objective to complete during this assignment is to grow and harvest Fluxweed. To do this you need to acquire a Fluxweed Seed and a Large Planter. Both of these items can be purchased in Hogsmeade. Visit The Magic Neep to get the Fluxweed Seed and the Tomes and Scrolls shop to buy a Large Planter (if needed).

Once you have both the Fluxweed Seed and the Large Planter head to the Room of Requirement. In this room place the Large Planter down and put the Fluxweed Seed inside of it. Wait 10 minutes for Fluxweed Plant to grow and pick the Fluxweed Stem. This completes this objective.

Acquire Venomous Tentacula, Mandrake, and Chinese Chomping Cabbage

An objective for this assignment is to acquire Venomous Tentacula, Mandrake, and Chinese Chomping Cabbage. All three of these Combat Plants can be acquired from the Dogweed and Deathcap store in north Hogsmeade. This shop sells both the seeds and the plant versions of the three plants needed for this objective. Buy one of each either plant or seed to ensure you have all three available in your Items. If you go the seed route you can use Fertilizer to improve the yield of each plant.

Use all Three Combat Plants Simultaneously

Once you have all three of the plants listed above the next step is to use them all simultaneously. This is fairly simple to do. Head somewhere that you can trigger the Combat Plants. Make a manual save just incase and the trigger the three Combat Plants in a row. An easy method is to throw Venomous Tentacula then Chinese Chomping Cabbage and then trigger the Mandrake. Do this successfully and you will complete the objective. Go back and speak to Professor Garlick. She will teach you the Flipendo spell.

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