Hogwarts Legacy Phoenix Beast Guide

The Hogwarts Legacy Phoenix beast is a rare animal players can find and catch in the game. This beast is popular for a number of reasons, but os especially useful in this game because it produces material called the Phoenix Feather. To learn more about this creature and how to get one for yourself, check out our guide below.

How to Get a Phoenix

Hogwarts Legacy Deek talking during Phoenix Rising.
Deek tells you about a Phoenix den.

The Phoenix beast works a bit differently than other beasts you encounter in the game. Other beasts exist within a den that you can visit at any time. The Phoenix exists in a den that only becomes accessible during a special request from the house elf named Deek located in the Room of Requirements.

Before you can complete this special assignment for Deek you need to first complete a string of quests for him. These quests start with The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom and then are followed by The Plight of the House-Elf and Foal of the Dead. After those two requests comes the request Phoenix Rising.

Phoenix Mountain Cave location.

As the name of this request suggests Phoenix Rising tasks the player with catching a Phoenix that has appeared in the Phoenix Mountain Cave in northeast Poidear Coast. The map location of this dungeon is highlighted in game but I’ve also attached a screenshot above as well. Go to this location and complete the mini-dungeon. At the end is the Phoenix to catch.

What Material Does the Phoenix Make?

Hogwarts Legacy Phoenix.
The Phoenix produces the Phoenix Feathers material.

Once you’ve caught the Phoenix you will need to return to the Room of Requirement. Upon entering the room you will trigger a cutscene with Deek where you mention catching the Phoenix. During this cutscene you unlock a new room. After the cutscene is done you can place the Phoenix in the room.

Like other animals in the game the Phoenix must be fed and cleaned. When both of these requirements are met it produces 3x Phoenix Feathers every 25 minutes. Phoenix Feathers are required to fully upgrade Gear to Level 3. This makes having a Phoenix in your stable of animals very important for maximizing your builds.

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Have you snagged the Hogwarts Legacy Phoenix yet? Let me know in the comments below.


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