GTA Online Happy Holidays Hauler

GTA Online gifts.

The GTA Online Happy Holidays Hauler is a limited time holiday event that players can participate in during the winter holidays. When this event is active players can follow behind a festive 18-wheeler that will drop presents for players containing cash, supplies, and holiday themed apparel. To learn more about the GTA Online Happy Holidays Hauler event, see our guide below.

What is the Happy Holidays Hauler in GTA Online

The Happy Holidays Hauler, is a festive 18-wheeler, that spawns at Legion Square, when the event is active, and travels north along the main highway to Paleto before returning to Legion Square and disappearing.

To initiate this event, players need to ensure there are at least 2 players in their session, whether it’s public, invite-only, or clan-only. Once the required player count is met, participants should be out in free roam, not inside buildings. When the event triggers, a notice will appear in the top left of the screen, accompanied by a large blue truck icon on the map.

What Does the Happy Holidays Hauler Do in GTA Online

GTA Online Holiday Hauler gift drop.
Drive behind the Happy Holidays Hauler to collect the presents it drops.

While the Happy Holidays Hauler is active, players can drive behind the large truck. Every minute and 30 seconds, the back will open, and a present will drop off the truck. Players can run over the present to collect it. The presents offer the following potential rewards:

  • GTA$
  • RP
  • Ammo
  • Snacks
  • Festive Sweaters
    • eCola Festive Sweater
    • Sprunk Festive Sweater

If you want to maximize the gifts you receive from the truck, be sure to do either invite only or Clan only. This will make collecting the presents much easier, as public lobbies can be a griefer paradise.

This is just one of multiple holiday events you can participate in. Be sure to check out our other guides for, The Yeti Hunt, The Gooch, the Snowmen collectibles, and Weazel Plaza.

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