GTA Online Weazel Plaza Shootout Event Guide

Weazel Plaza sign GTA Online.

To celebrate the holiday season Rockstar Games has added a couple of new random festive events for players to complete in GTA Online. One of these events is called the Weazel Plaza Shootout and it is a nod to the 1988 action film Die Hard. Completing this special random event unlocks a new weapon called the WM 29 Pistol. To help you complete this event use our GTA Online Weazel Plaza Shootout event guide below.

How to Start the Weazel Plaza Shootout Event

Map location of Weazel Plaza in GTA Online.
Weazel Plaza is located at this location on the map.

IMPORTANT: Like other random events there is an RNG element to getting this to appear. The easiest method is to wait for the in-game time then server hop until it shows up. Go near the Weazel Plaza and then set your Spawn Location to Last Location before you start server hoping to cut down on travel time.

This seasonal event takes place at the Weazel Plaza building located in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. This building is can be found at the map location shown in the screenshot above. To trigger the event you need to enter a session that is at least 20 minutes old. After that you need to be within 400 meters of the building between 8 PM – 6 AM in-game time (check your cellphone to see what time it is).

If you meet the requirements mentioned above the Weazel Plaza Shootout will become active. While the event is active you will see a red dot on the top of the building on your map and mini-map. This red dot means the enemies you need to take out have spawned in and that the event is ready for you to complete.

Keep in mind before you go racing up to the roof that police do spawn in as you get closer. There will be at least one police helicopter at the top of the building waiting and you will have a 3* wanted level once you commit to completing the event.

How to Complete the Weazel Plaza Shootout Event

Enemy target GTA Online Weazel Plaza Shootout event.
This target is the most important one during the event.

To complete this seasonal event you need to take out enemies on the rooftop of the building. This means using some form of flying vehicle like a helicopter or MKII to get to the roof. Once you’ve made it to the roof the next step is to kill the three enemies on the building’s southside. The red doted enemy on your map is the most important target here.

Prompt to pick up the WM 29 Pistol in GTA Online.
Pick up the WM 29 to unlock it.

Following the defeat of the three enemies you will see a blue dot appear on your map. This blue dot should be near the enemy you killed (circled in the screenshot above). The blue dot is the dropped gun you need to go pick up. Walk over to it and you will be prompted to pick up the WM 29 Pistol. Pick it up to unlock the new pistol.

Alongside unlocking the WM 29 Pistol you also get an additional bonus. This bonus is a special Season’s Greetings Livery for the Pistol Mk2. This livery, when unlocked, can be applied to the Pistol Mk2 at any Ammu-Nation.

WM 29 Pistol Details

GTA Online WM 29 Pistol upgrades GTA Online.
Upgrades for the WM 29 Pistol.

The WM 29 Pistol is a special themed weapon relating to the film Die Hard. This pistol is the based off of the Heckler & Koch P7M13 that the villain, Hans Gruber, carries throughout the film. This sidearm weapon is first established early on in the film when Hans uses it to threaten Joseph Takagi and Harry Ellis.

Like other weapons in GTA Online the WM 29 Pistol can be upgraded at any Ammu-Nation in San Andreas. To upgrade the weapon simply visit gun shop, bring up the WM 29 Pistol, and purchase the attachments for sale for the weapon. The things you can upgrade on the weapon are:

  • Suppressor.
  • Tint.

This is not the only seasonal content available for the holiday season in GTA Online. There are also 25 Snowman Collectibles to find and destroy. Additionally there is another random event where a Grinch like character called The Gooch spawns in and attempts to rob you. Both of these events feature special rewards for players upon completion.

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Thoughts on our GTA Online Weazel Plaza Shootout event guide? Did you get the weapon for yourself? Drop them in the comments below.



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  1. J Dubya says:

    The WM29 does not resemble the Beretta 92 carried by John McClain. The WM29 resembles the HK P7 carried by Hans Gruber.

    • enricofairme says:

      Thanks! That makes more sense. I’m not really a gun person, but it would definitely make sense to be Han’s gun since that’s who you kill. Will update.

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